Treatment and Intervention

Our specialized, and unique, clinical focus utilizes direct ’hands-on’ manual physical therapy and relevant specific exercise (stretching/ strengthening/ fitness-endurance) in combination with a bio-psychosocial model of patient education to improve pain-free movements and empower our clients to progress and independently regain a more active/comfortable lifestyle.


Our clinics utilize only manual physical therapists. Each client establishes a ‘one on one’ relationship with their therapist who then carefully designs the treatment intervention program and works directly with the patient to accomplish appropriate functional goals. Individualized ‘hands-on’ care, specific exercise instruction and neurobiology education about the underlying pathology are the hallmarks of our scientifically based practice. Pain freedom and empowered patient movement, not necessarily pain control, is our goal.


Manual Therapy-     (hands-on, the art of touch, the laying on of hands)




Broadly, manual therapy, is a hands-on physical treatment primarily used by physical therapists, massage therapists, occupational therapists, chiropractors, body-workers and osteopathic physicians to treat musculoskeletal pain and disability.  It most commonly includes kneading-stretching and manipulation of skin, muscle, tendon and fascia and also includes joint mobilization and joint manipulation. The art and science of healing touch, in many forms, is well supported in the scientific literature, and is an important requirement for many neuro-orthopedic rehabilitation programs. Achieve Manual Physical Therapy is highly regarded for the quality of manual  interventions our clinical staff provides with their hands.

Neurobiology education (NE) provides an opportunity to offer patients with persistent pain, and central sensitization, a way out of the downward spiral of suffering and dis-‘ease’ that they are stuck within. Current biomedical paradigms are unable to answer questions related to the development of chronic or persistent pain, which now effects 20-25% of western populations. Many of these patients travel from doctor to doctor to therapist, to other allied health practitioners, in search of a cure, or ‘magic bullet’. Usually these individuals become more painful and sensitive, less stress tolerant and significantly more deconditioned during this search for someone to fix them. Manual therapy & specific exercise have been shown to work well when combined with patient education using a more influential bio-psychosocial view of patient conditions, rather than the old-school/dualistic biomedical model. The evidence is clear and convincing, promoting movement and decreasing fear of movement are both an important contribution to a healthy patient and further prevention. Achieve Manual Physical Therapy is a leader in promoting movement and education using this newer, well accepted, neuroscience paradigm to ‘Explain Pain’.

Specific Exercise- (“Movement is the Medicine”)


If movement is the goal, then manual therapy prepares the tissues, joints and body to move…. Followed by specifically chosen movement related exercises and activities that engage the patient and promote increasing pain freedom and independence. Strong, positive, clinical outcomes are known to correlate with specific exercise programs that target cardiovascular fitness, strength-endurance training and consistent stretching/flexibility elements. Achieve clinical staff link their manual therapy restoration of tissue movement to patient specific exercises in order to  promote increased active movement and subsequent pain relief, and return to function, for most patients. Movement is the Medicine!



Pain Science & Neurobiology Education-  (‘Explain Pain’)