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  Achieve Orthopedic Rehabilitation Institute (AORI) is a specialized out-patient physical therapy practice focusing on clients with orthopedic and neuromuscular problems. We especially take pride in working with those patients with persistent pain and chronicity who haven’t gotten better yet.


Manual Therapy & Exercise are the clinical tools we use. AORI clinicians add a scientific based Pain Science/Neurobiology clinical reasoning viewpoint to all our patient’s movement problems. A Bio-psychosocial perspective compliments this process, often providing the basis for consistent patient improvement in function, and return to family, work, athletics and satisfaction. 


AORI is independently owned by clinical specialists Dr. Robert Johnson PT, DPT,  OCS and Dr. Ashraf Abdelhamid PT, PH.D, DPT, MS, OCS, CMPT and have over 60 years of combined clinical experience, expertise and successful outcomes working with challenging patient problems. Each one of our PT staff have undergone residency or fellowship training, in orthopedic manual therapy, and/or are board certified orthopedic clinical specialists, or working towards this credential. 


Individualized one on one ‘hands-on’ care, specific manual therapy & exercise instruction coupled with pain science education about the underlying pathology is the hallmark to our unique practice. Specialized and advanced manual treatments and education can help to speed recovery, increase soft tissue/joint mobility, improved strength, and ensure gains are maintained even after full return. Evidence based neurobiology education has been shown to be a key element in a full recovery and further prevention of re-injury.  

Achieve Orthopedic Rehab Institute

Movement is the Medicine

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